Eco #2

Before I bug this blog with "stressful" posts, let me fulfill my promise and tell you about Economics again 🙂 Are you having a hard time understanding Economics? What is it about? And its purpose in Society? Well, the rest of this post was googled yesterday, it's just that I was too sleepy and cannot … Continue reading Eco #2

Eco #1

Hi there. I have decided to create a new blog. (for a change) And expect this one's gonna be more realistic. I entitled this post as Eco #1, just because. No. I'm really up to making realistic things, so I'm studying Economics. I am now preparing for my 4th year lessons given the fact that: … Continue reading Eco #1


Days.Days.I've been away for so long and yet my thoughts are completely shattered. (still) I thought it will all be fine after making myself busy with a lot of things. School, Sc, our Baby (yey), my Projects and more (?) but somebody never failed to bring all the forgotten memories back.  And now I'm broke. Again.  Don't … Continue reading Grrr