Sheehan Tiffany Belleca

Sheehan Tiffany Belleca

My parents would kill me perhaps for being too public when it comes to my thoughts and feelings as I write ’em here in my blog. Well, I guess that is how I would describe myself. I am more of a private person leaving some pages of my life open to public. Sometimes I just feel like voicing out these boiling thoughts inside me because let’s admit it, we do not always have this certain person to share stories with besides yourself. (And God– but then again God is not a person He is a God, so you get me?)

I swear mom I don’t write everything!

1) I still have a hundred of pending friend requests on facebook, because I rarely add people anymore.

2) I still have my twitter account private.

3) I still do not post selfies often on my instagram.

I still keep several secrets to myself and I guess nobody could ever know ’em– except Him, of course.

Bittersweet Escapades

This used to be and will still be an online journal keeping track of my overflowing thoughts, emotions and opinions about certain things that catch my attention.

It started on April 2012 when I created this as an outlet of my rants and very random ideas. Stats says that on 2013, I wrote only limited number of blog posts probably due to my lack of interest and time on writing. 2014 came and until today the blog is still running. It became a blog of (still) my rants, random thoughts, economics reviewers, travel journals, photographs and so much more.

Since there is an often switch of mood and interests through the span of 3 years, my focus and way of writing changes over time. You would see these changes through my older posts (but I suggest you not to do that so I’m telling you now that it really changes– mali mali pa ang grammar ko at yung iba ay nonsense din at wala na akong panahon na magdelete).

Expect more changes in my way of writing, theme and topics in the following years to come. For now, enjoy what it has to offer.

Final Words

People do not usually visit personal blogs not unless 1) they are curious of a person and his/her whereabouts or 2) the person who owns the blog promoted his/her blog to the public. So whatever reason you have in your mind, thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

Remember that my blogposts are my personal opinion while some are reblogs and I fully recognize other bloggers and give them credit. But then again, I started this blog last 2012, so assure you I was too young and too ignorant of plagiarism and all that so please don’t charge me with anything. You can always leave a comment, ask me where things came from and I would love to respond to that. I would love feedbacks too, but please refrain from scolding me with whatever I post. I try to be very sensitive with the things I write and the topics I tackle to not damage myself and offend other people. Just be happy for me, hahaha!

Thank you!

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