I Built My Youtube Channel

Nothing beats the famous line, “It’s been months since I last…”

But to save this post from my ramblings on how I lack time for writing and whatnot, I am proud to introduce (char) a new platform I’ve been working on for months now where I can share things that I usually have a hard time writing about.


I built a youtube channel and it currently has three playlists that I will be working on every now and then: SheeSays, WhereSheeWent and Sheenanigans!

SheeSays is basically a series where I will talk about things I am passionate about. And that ranges from that air freshener I love the most up to how awful rape culture is. I perceive it to be very open and genuine, topic-wise. As of this moment, the series only has one video (a birthday speech for my bestfriend lol) because I’m still at the can’t-speak-longer-infront-of-the-camera phase. Most of the people around me knows I’m sort of an introvert, so it’s gonna take a while to be able to speak a loooooot in my videos. Stay tuned!

WhereSheeWent, on the otherhand, is a compilation of video footages I take whenever I visit a new place; let’s say a museum or a beach or a castle?! I created this particularly because I enjoy taking videos of the peculiar and amazing things I see around me. And I thought that since my weekends, more often than not, are booked for a trip somewhere, why not share it to anyone who wishes to visit that place? Kind of a preview of what to expect when you get there. Like this one: https://youtu.be/mzdVNdFSJVw


Lastly, Sheenanigans— the punniest I could ever be. I honestly don’t find it funny but I think it’s silly and witty, don’t you think? This series is sort of a weekly footage of how my week went. This idea was inspired by Megan Batoon’s Meganbytes (find her on youtube!), where Megan shares her weekly life to her subscribers, including me! What drives me to create this kind of video more often is when I saw an old video I posted on youtube about 4-5 years ago. It’s private now. It was a video of me and my cousins fooling and dancing around and I thought to myself, “Wow. It feels good to see this again!” Although my videos may seem necessary only for me, I still think it’s going to be a great idea to relive these experiences in the future. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL469svpWYKw2HjDHjo5SO6OI_-kpxdXgq


Making this youtube channel is not like an out of the blue idea I thought about just last night. This started last year before Christmas, when my brother and I were thinking of making short films or videos once we get together again. We mapped things out from the channel name, content, schedule– everything! We brainstormed about this for months, I can even link a google docs file of our output if ya want. After all the trouble and the hassle, he flew to the US but our plan didn’t really work out because we became busy separately.

But haha, I’m stubborn. And I really wanted to try this. So I took my phone camera and took a lot of videos around LA. I put them all together in a Movie Maker and tada, here’s the result https://youtu.be/Kz9069IzkVE?list=PL469svpWYKw39osD2ENZ7n2CWqCweeb9f

It wasn’t the best, obviously. Everything’s low quality but sooner I taught myself how to do this and that and tried to channel the inner creative in me. During summer, besides reviewing for nursing school, I created these videos at the side. It’s a great stress reliever and I always look forward to the next adventure I’m gonna take.

I don’t think this is gonna be a full-time responsibility but as long as my head is filled with creative bubble, I’ll keep making videos. 🙂


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