A birthday message to the 4 year old Sheehan

Hello young one, 

If I were to be living at the same time as you now, I wish that we could hang out together. I want you to know me deeper because this is who you are going to be when you get older. I know this may sound a little off and confusing for you now because you know what, life has a lot of that. It’s gonna put you through the worst scenarios that you cannot think of yet but you will be. You’ll cry so hard, you’ll lose your appetite. You’ll lose your confidence and you’ll lose your mind. You’ll give up, for countless of times. You’ll fall in love, get your heart broken, then fall in love again. You’ll fail a test, lots of them. You’ll take things for granted. You’ll experience loss. You’ll be so tired to go to school. You’ll have a hard time trusting the world. 
But don’t worry so much, you’ll get by. After everything, you will be one of the strongest women you’ll ever know. You will learn to love yourself, every piece of you.You will learn to control your life and manage perspectives. You’ll learn how to respond properly in every situation. I promise it will all get better when you grow up. I will help you reach your dreams. I will not let you give up. I will help you be happy. 

I hope I made the best decisions for you. I hope you’re proud of me. 

Happy Birthday! 



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